6 Reason Why Coconut Bowls are Awesome

Coconut bowls are a gift from nature, and there’re many reasons to love these natural bowls.

100% Natural

Our coconut bowls are made from discarded coconut shells, so they’re 100% natural, free of toxins, plastics, BPA etc.


Every bowl is handmade by skilled artisans who cut, clean and sand them into beautiful bowls. As a final step, each bowl is finished with food-grade 100% organic coconut oil, which gives them a lovely polish.

Reduce Waste

Every year millions of coconut shells are discarded and burned, which adds significantly to the release of harmful carbon dioxide and methane emissions. By reclaiming the shells and making them into beautiful bowls, coconut waste is reduced, which has a positive impact on the environment.

Compostable and Biodegradable

Since coconut bowls are entirely natural, they can be composted and will break down without harming the environment.

Every Bowl is Unique

We love that every coconut bowl is unique with different shapes, sizes and colour variations.

Inspire Healthy Eating

Something happens when you see and feel a coconut bowl. It might awaken a closer connection to nature and inspire mindful eating. It makes sense to fill the bowls with colourful fruits, healthy veggies, and salads and create your own beautiful smoothie bowls. And eating out of a coconut bowl with a coconut fork or spoon makes the experience and flavour even better.