6 Reason Why Coconut Bowls are Awesome


Coconut Bowls Coconut bowls are a gift from nature and we’re proud to offer them in our store.Below we compiled a list of six great reasons to love them. 100% Natural Our coconut bowls are made from discarded coconut shells, so they’re 100% natural, free of toxins, plastics, BPA etc. Handcrafted Every bowl is handmade […]

10 Reasons to Love Bamboo

Eco-friendly Bamboo

Eco-friendly Bamboo – 10 Reasons To Love It Bamboo is an incredible plant that is eco-friendly and fast-growing. It belongs to the grass family Poaceae, but bamboo is very treelike as it grows tall and sturdy. Here’s what makes Bamboo so Amazing No chemicals are needed. Bamboo grows naturally and doesn’t need chemicals or fertilizers […]